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It was a loong stretch of hot weeks mixed in with some serious winds and rain and thunder. Probably par for the course of Alberta. Nearly here for a year or two and still not completely use to this sort of thing. At least last winter was not as horrible as the previous one with that seriously bad blizzard.

The weather is a serious thing I guess. Not something to be messed with.
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Leonard Nimoy's passing was something that will always hurt in one way or another. I kinda took him to be one of those immortal guys that will live into infinity to do whatever he wanted, Star Trek or not. Yes it's been a couple of days since I mentioned him in passing in my last post, but I had some time to sit down and think about things. I am super thankful that I do not smoke at all as it never really appealed to me in the slightest, and my mom will more than likely kill me if she ever found out if I did smoke at any point of my life. It will never be too late to stop smoking if you start, as I heard.

Smoking pot on the other hand can make one super chill.
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No progress was made on Total Drama: All-Stars. No big loss I guess in the long run and I still wanna watch it in the future, despite three months of wanting to watch it in the first place. May wind up watching Revenge of the Island on Youtube or something. At least I like that season, other than the first season.

On more of a depressing side of news. Leonard Nimoy has passed away today, as everyone knows, at the age of 83. As an icon, he is an inspiration to millions of people, and he will be missed by family, friends and fans.
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Total Drama All Stars is gonna be such a long journey to watch. It has a massive reputation among the fan base of being the worse season of the bunch. Hell, the first time I watched the first episode my younger brother said 'good luck' to me. Right now I am re-watching the first episode and in all honesty it is a fairly decent start to the black sheep of the show.
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I want to write smut fanfiction, yet I have no idea on how to write smut fanfiction. But I could probably write smut a lot better than EL James, and I do not like BDSM. Nothing against BDSM and those who like it, it's just not for me in the slightest.

Yeesh, where in the world do I start in writing smut of any kind? Just read fanfiction and regular fiction? That would probably be a good place to start.
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Why are most fanfics badly written? I hadn't read much fanfic lately and I wanna get back into reading it since I started getting back into writing them. Is it the age of the writer who writes them? Are they potentially trolls who wanna get a rise out of people of how badly it is written? Or people writing just do not care?

I dunno, this is one of those strange mini ramble things.
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Man, this is why I hardly do the online journal thing. Journals on pen and paper I can keep up with on a fairly good basis, which is mainly because they are more private for me. I guess Online stuff is mainly for everyone to see, and I think I may keep to ranty sort of things and random shit that I wanna put onto my Dreamwidth journal. Fanfics and such. I'll see what happens in the future I guess and hopefully keep up an actual pace of posting things that happen to cross my mind.
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Yesterday I heard about his suicide. He shot himself from what I read. I cried about it, I'll admit, though I never met I did want to. It was a big blow for everyone who knew him and especially his wife. I'm still hurting right now, even though I didn't watch a lot of his videos I did enjoy his crossovers that he was in. It's unreal right now to know that he's gone. My condolences to his family.
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What to say, what to say. I have no idea. It may be more than a little hard to try posting something every day, but here goes nothing.

Things were slow, may go to walk the puppy with my brothers later on tonight. It's a nice day today I think, weatherwise. Had to be quiet today and gonna have to be quiet for the next couple of days as well, my mom is a nurse and has to work nights quite often. And puppies are quite noisy, yet he is sleeping at my feet on my bed. It's pretty cute, in all honesty.

Well, that's what I wanted to say. See ya~
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Nearly a year since I updated this thing. Again. Man, I am noooo good at updating things like these. Guess I'm not the type to like updates about my life. Still living in a small town called High River. Shit was tough with the flood ay June 20, 2012. Kept the whole town put for months, not kidding, with few buiness in temporary places for their stuff. I voulinteering at a cat shelter, and I guess that's all for today.
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It's been over a year since I have posted to this thing. Blah, whatever, I'm gonna try and post more anyhoo.

It's been a crazy year, and an even crazier couple of months. New house, new life.
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Told you guys I can be lazy with this thing.

This past week I had the house to myself, which is pretty nice and quiet. Family went of a trip and felt like I needed a break from them XD
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It's true that I don't really update these things as often as I want XD

Sooooo, here I go with something~ I passed my scriptwriting with a 71, and I want to take the next scriptwriting class that the college offers, as well as an editing class from the program. It's probably gonna take a while till it's gonna happen though.
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Hey there, this is Tempest~ May change that name down the road. Maybe. If you're new to my little corner of the internet, I am an aspiring scriptwriter with writer fantasies, pretty much.

I'm into various things, like everyone, like The Beatles, Futurama, and things like that.

So yeah. Not sure what else to say, then just gonna update as best as I can. I'm not that great at updating things like these.


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