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Leonard Nimoy's passing was something that will always hurt in one way or another. I kinda took him to be one of those immortal guys that will live into infinity to do whatever he wanted, Star Trek or not. Yes it's been a couple of days since I mentioned him in passing in my last post, but I had some time to sit down and think about things. I am super thankful that I do not smoke at all as it never really appealed to me in the slightest, and my mom will more than likely kill me if she ever found out if I did smoke at any point of my life. It will never be too late to stop smoking if you start, as I heard.

Smoking pot on the other hand can make one super chill.
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No progress was made on Total Drama: All-Stars. No big loss I guess in the long run and I still wanna watch it in the future, despite three months of wanting to watch it in the first place. May wind up watching Revenge of the Island on Youtube or something. At least I like that season, other than the first season.

On more of a depressing side of news. Leonard Nimoy has passed away today, as everyone knows, at the age of 83. As an icon, he is an inspiration to millions of people, and he will be missed by family, friends and fans.
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Total Drama All Stars is gonna be such a long journey to watch. It has a massive reputation among the fan base of being the worse season of the bunch. Hell, the first time I watched the first episode my younger brother said 'good luck' to me. Right now I am re-watching the first episode and in all honesty it is a fairly decent start to the black sheep of the show.


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